10 Things You'll Experience in France

France is an amazing country with so much to see and experience, but each country has its ups and downs. Check out these 10 things you'll experience at least once during your time in France: 

  1. Feeling like you’re in a sauna because most homes and buildings don’t have air conditioning
  2. Getting bitten up by bugs because you slept with the widow open because of the lack of air conditioning
  3. Not knowing what to do with your life on Sundays because everything is closed
  4. Walking down at least two flights of stairs to use the bathroom
  5. Eating more bread than you’ve ever eaten in your entire life
  6. Constantly feeling like you're going to get hit by a car in Paris
  7. Ordering a veggie burger and basically getting a hash brown in a bun
  8. Feeling like you'll develop lung cancer before you return home
  9. Feeling like a rebel because you can rip open a case of water at the grocery store to only buy one bottle
  10. Being harassed to buy souvenirs

Have you ever been to France? If so, what are some crazy experiences you've had? Let me know in the comment section below!