A Week in London: Highlights

Last month, I had the chance to spend my Spring Break in a not-so-typical Spring Break location. I went to London! This year is all about adding more checks to my bucket list, and I have always wanted to visit London. Although I was only there for nine days, I did so many different things in such a short amount of time. I still have so much more of London to see and explore, but for now here are some highlights of my trip:

  • A Cruise on The River Thames: Like I said, this wasn’t your typical Spring Break destination, but I still managed to go on a cruise on London’s Thames River. The cruise offered a beautiful view of the city and some of London’s most famous sites. Along with the cruise came afternoon tea and amazing desserts.


  • Sky Garden: If you haven’t already guessed by the name, Sky Garden is a Botanical Garden in the sky! Well, it’s not literally in the sky, but it’s at the top floor of a skyscraper. In addition to the botanical garden, there are two bars and a restaurant. I went there for my last night in London, and it was absolutely free to get in. I’m not sure what it’s like during the day, but when I went they had a DJ, so it was like a night club with beautiful plants. I was not able to get many pictures, since I didn’t feel like lugging my heavy camera along, but the view of the city was amazing, and it was the perfect way to spend my last night in London.
  • Street Art: I saw some of the best street art I have ever seen when I visited The East End of London. Almost every building was painted with bright colors and amazing artwork.


  • Food: Unfortunately, I did not take many pictures of my food because I was too busy enjoying it. I must say that everything was so fresh and the food was real! When I say real, I mean American food is usually full of chemicals and artificial colors and flavors, but that was not the case here. My diet mostly consists of pant-based foods anyway, but it was refreshing to be surrounded by fresh food. I also noticed that there were a lot of street food markets, which I wish we had here in Atlanta. It made grabbing lunch so much easier and, of course, there were plenty of delicious plant-based options to choose from.


  • Gallery of African Art: You can probably tell that I love art by now. After visiting The Tate Museum and The Victoria and Albert Museum, I wanted to explore artwork that was more closely related to my interests and culture, which led me to The Gallery of African Art. I saw some beautiful artwork and I left with some postcards that featured amazing paintings from African artists on the front cover. Admission to this gallery was also free!
  • Transportation: I know transportation sounds like a strange highlight of my trip, but if you have ever been on MARTA you would feel the same. Since I go to school in Atlanta, I usually drive to the nearest MARTA station and take the train to school because it’s more convenient. The transportation system in London (The Tube) is sooooo much more accessible! I used the tube to get wherever I needed to go and the seats are actually comfortable.


  • Shopping in London: I’m usually not one who goes to the mall often, as I do most of my shopping online, but shopping in London was an unforgettable experience. I did most of my shopping on Oxford Street, which is a well-known street of shops and stores, kind of like an outside mall that extends for miles. All the clothing stores I visited had at least three levels and most of them had 4 or 5. I also went to some vintage shops in East London and some stores in Camden Lock, which is like a better and bigger version of Atlanta’s Little 5 Points. Of course, this ended with me stuffing my suitcase with new clothes.


In addition to the list above, I was also a typical tourist and visited London’s famous tourist attractions like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and some of London’s most famous museums. After spending a week here, I fell in love with the city and have been thinking about moving here in the future. I will definitely be taking another trip to London soon!